Landra Developments promotes residential and commercial land through the planning system, at our expense and risk, to gain the best possible planning permissions for our landowner clients.

    Unlike a conventional housebuilder option agreement, where the land is sold to a single option holder at a “negotiated” value which may be significantly less than the true market value, Landra Developments offers land with planning permission to the open market, thereby ensuring that optimum price is achieved for our landowners.

    Landra Developments is backed by Lawrence Baker, one of the largest healthcare builders in the UK.


    Landra Developments co-ordinates a multi-disciplinary team of experienced consultants with whom we have worked with successfully for almost a decade. A typical project would include, planning consultants, highways engineers, urban designers, landscape architects, ecologists, hydrologists, lawyers, and often barristers to promote the site to its best advantage through the planning process.

    To secure a promotion agreement Landra Developments will agree an up-front payment, so the landowner realises some of the value of their asset long before it gets to the open market, also covering the landowner’s legal costs.

    Once the planning permission has been granted, Landra Developments works with the landowner to find a buyer in the open market at the optimum price.  This does not necessarily mean the land has to be sold as quickly as possible, as we are prepared to wait for favorable market conditions to obtain the best price.


    Landra Developments builds on Philip Rawle’s lengthy and wide-ranging experience and expertise as a Chartered Town Planner.  In addition, it provides a platform for him to utilise the unique skills acquired as a lead director in a niche land promotion business between 2014 and 2022.


    Philip is joined at Landra Developments by Nevin Holden (Land Director) and Chris Torbett (Associate Land Director). 


    Nevin has 38 years’ experience in the residential housing development sector, having held senior management positions in both private land
    development companies and national plc housebuilders.


    Chris has over a decade’s worth of experience, including 6 years within Savills development team in Birmingham, as Associate Director.


    Landra Developments offers its landowner clients bespoke partnership arrangements with the flexibility to suit their individual requirements.  The planning promotion is cost effective because of our personal “hands on” approach.